What Fans Are Saying...

"It really made their day"

Dear Broadcast

It hasn't been a very happy time in my parent's household in recent days. Dad has been in failing health and was hospitalized. He has not been able to drive so his birthday came and went without much of a celebration. Then your quartet showed up and sang for him and with him. It's hard to explain how much that meant to both mom and dad. It really made their day.From the bottom of my heart, I thank you.


You guys are wonderful and made me feel very special!

 February 15, 2017
Excuse the shaky video. I was so shocked. The singing Valentine caught me off guard. It was such a lovely surprise, and it made my day! You guys are wonderful and made me feel very special. Thank you.


Thank you so much for the joy you brought to help us celebrate our father!

Colleen, Kris and Dawn O'Brien

(Broadcast sang at the memorial service for Tom O'Brien. a longtime barbershopper.)